What color is this?

  1. This is a picture I found on style.com, showing some Saks rep at the Michael Kors runway show.

    Anyways, there seems to be a green Roma when you look at the right bottom of the picture.

    Is this Azzardo? I always thought it was less olive than that.
  2. c_24i think the roma is nappa umbria so maybe the color looks slightly different with that treatment. it doesn't look like trifiglio either. good luck.
  3. Is it the same dark olive as seen on the rivet veneta's I've been looking for recently, SS 2005ish release?
  4. Don't know; agree with annie that it's not trifoglio. I don't know the names of other greens.
  5. whatever it is, I want that bag! I love the muted green color!
  6. ^ I was just browsing and found this at Bluefly...you might want to check it out! :yes:
    bottega roma - green.JPG
  7. i took this pic as a screen shot from Bottega Veneta site.. its from fall/winter online catalog, page 141.. i just thought the color of the green bag is similar :smile:
    the bag i am pointing out to is: green intrecciato nappa umbria tote bag
    hope this helps :smile:
  8. that picture is really drool-worthy, regardless of how many times I've already seen it on the site, those leathers look divine :love:
  9. <<takes a deep breath!!
    i know what u mean!! i have a copy of the catalog.. and i almost open it each day since i got it!! :drool:
  10. So, the Roma is in a different shade of green than the Nappa Umbria Tote bag (I don`t know why they call it simply Green in the catalogue, is it Regent or Azzardo?)

    I saw the Roma today in a shop window but didn`t have any time to make a quick pit-stop, but from what I`ve seen it`s definitely really olive-green. More on the guacamole side of green :smile:
  11. C_24, I contacted BV about this green hobo below, which is Azzardo, and inquired about what other bags would be available in green this fall. (I'm on the hunt for a great green bag! :search:)

    I was informed that the Azzardo color is specific to the deerskin bags, while the Regent color is specific to the woven nappa bags. I *think*--but I'm not sure--that the Roma pictured above is Regent. :confused1:
    BV green hobo.JPG
  12. ^That`s good information, Cosmopolitan! I wonder if there`s a different shade though because the Roma didn`t look at all like one of the Regent items in the catalogue.

    Well, I´m just gonna run down to the shop quick and ask.
  13. ^^^Great! I'd love to get a straight answer about all these shades of green. :yes:
  14. All of these green accessories are described in the catalogue as Regent. (Adding to the confusion!)

    BV catalogue.JPG
  15. I'm not into greens but WOW, what a gorgeous palette of colors!