What color is this?

  1. That's the pistachio twiggy everyone is bidding on lol (including me! Although haven't bid yet...)
  2. LOL! Thanks :amuse: I thought pistachio was a bit lighter, so I wasn't sure. It's pretty :heart: There is also a magenta twiggy, rouge city, '04 rose twiggy... B-bag mania! :lol:
  3. oh it ended....
  4. I just saw that, looks like the seller ended it early. Wow, not a bad price for such a hard to find color!
  5. Nooooooo why is this happening to me? :cry:
  6. Oh honey, you will find one soon! The best one yet!
  7. OH SH:censor: !! Do you know how bad I was hoping you would get this one!
  8. Thanx hun. Guess it wasn't meant to be...
  9. you'll get one too honey...just be patient....:graucho: :heart:
  10. LOL kimmie! That censor comes in handy doesn't it! I :heart: this one --> so me :rant:

    Percephonie so sorry you missed out on this :cry:

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