What color is this?

  1. thanks guys
  2. Bordeaux :nuts:
  3. It's beautiful!!!
  4. One of the BEST Balenciaga colours, I think.
  5. Agreed!
  6. yup, bordeaux is really pretty :smile:
  7. ooohhh! LOVE bordeaux!
  8. Ha ha... that's MY photo! :lol: It's the 2005 Bordeaux First. You like? ;)

    Importz, welcome to PF!!
  9. u have great taste!! i love it!!
  10. I love the bordeaux. I really hope the new oxblood that's coming out is similar.
  11. Very pretty
  12. The Bordeaux is a superb color; so classic!
  13. There is a bordeaux right now in ebay ... 6875266934 !! It's a used but authentic bag and looks still gorgeous ;)