What color is this?

  1. Is it Marine? At Bluefly they're calling it Blue. I'm looking for Anthracite and I know this is a long shot but could it be anthra..........? It's looking really marine to me. Need confirmation. tia

  2. looks like Marine to me too. sorry
  3. is that a courier? Im not sure of color but i think its beautiful
  4. It looks like Marine to me, as well. Very pretty, but not Anthracite.
  5. I have a Marine WE and the color is an exact match to that picture.
  6. i think it looks like ink.
    no way that could be anthra, sorry t.
  7. I'm with Nicole on this one. I think it looks like Ink...
  8. yeah ink perhaps?
  9. It looks like Ink for me!
  10. Marine, I think.:shrugs: Sorry can't be of much help here~:sad:
    It's beautiful!!:heart:
  11. Looks like INK to me.:confused1:
  12. It must be Galet!!! :roflmfao:
  13. I'd say Marine. Doesn't look like Ink to me...and it would be highly unlikely to be Ink anyway.
  14. fiatflux, either Marine or Ink...the Blue is so nice and with a good deal from Bluefly...it's so difficult to resist. Go get it! So beautiful. I really wish that I'm not on a purse ban. I would be so thrilled if you get it
  15. My ink is quite a bit lighter than that, so I would vote for marine!