What color is this zip clutch?

  1. :confused1: I just got this clutch but I am not sure what the color is. It has brown stitching.

    Could this be almond?
    CIMG8068.JPG CIMG8069.JPG
  2. I thought it was Taupe, but yours is darker....
  3. Hmmm, think the pic came out dark. I need to go and find a pic of taupe. I did a search for almond but it did not look like it.
  4. Almond is more of a lite pinky peach.
  5. Yes, I did read that. I think this may be more beigy (is that a word?). I believe it could be taupe. I just cannot find a pic to confirm.
  6. :confused1: :confused1:
    My brain is too mushy to think about this... I'll see what I can turn up tomorrow.
  7. The suede lining is burgundy.