What color is this "V" series City? TIA!

  1. Hi! Hm, it does appear that the most likely color this could be from S/S 07 is Anthracite... Hope you figure it out!
  2. It looks like it might be Marine which will be a gorgeous blue in the sunlight.
  3. According to the "V"... it's most likely a dark Anthracite. I was guessing Sapin but thats from 2006. I think you scored a Anthracite~! COngrats :tup:
  4. It looks black to me :confused1: !!
  5. ^ the description says dark green and if you look at certain pictures, you can see it's green but yeah, i thought it was black at first, too.

    i really hope i DID score an anthracite!!! i've only recently come back to hang out in the Bbags forum and noticed this particular color is very well loved. :biggrin:
  6. it's always tough to tell from photos, but the color really looks like my anthracite. it seems too blue-green to be sapin. congrats!
  7. Did you get it yet? Be sure and post pics when you do!! :tup: