What color is this paddy?

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  1. Hi. I saw this on LVR. Can someone pls tell me what the name of this color is? I love it! [​IMG]
  2. Mousse
  3. i :love: :love: :love: mousse. my paddy is going to be mousse!
  4. I am afraid there is just no way around it. I need that color!
  5. Thanks! Good choice! Where did you order yours? I ordered a choco brown from LVR but I think i'm changing my mind after seeing this.
  6. LVR is the only place i've seen it
  7. I hear ya! So do I!:love:
  8. I love this Mousse color too, but is the picture accurate? I read in another post that it is a grayish-green color. This picture looks like a dark charcoal gray color :oh: Has anyone seen this color IRL?
  9. What a beauty:love:
  10. LVR is the only place I've seen it as well. I'm sure the new colors will hit the dep stores in May (or so my SA says)
  11. I can't wait!
  12. i have the brown one and by now, i think i gave gotten my moneys worth from the bag. which of course makes hubby happy to see me use it so much.;) it is a rich brown and goes with everything. that mousse color one is to drool over though.:love:
  13. It's early & I'm still working on my first cup of coffee so forgive me if these are dumb questions...I LOVE this bag!

    Is it suede? It looks a little suede-y on my screen...suede or leather, it's gorgeous!

    The lock is huge! I don't mind..but do you actually need to use the lock to get into your purse?

    What is LVR?


  14. the bag is leather, but the leather is very supple, squishy, and soft. it's delicious :love: . you can set up the lock to actually lock the bag closed or to just be decoration - you don't have to use it as a bag closure if you don't want. and LVR is luisaviaroma.com.
  15. Hi,,,ive seen this Mousse in real..the leather is very squishy! Gorgeous color for paddy. They already sale it in Paris! I like the silver lock,u cant see when its peeling, hehe!