What Color Is This Paddy?

  1. Hi- I saw this Paddy today and it says that it is Tan, but it doesn't look like the pictures I've seen on the PF that are labeled Tan. Please help.
  2. Could it be muscade? :shrugs: AKA nutmeg?
  3. It looks like Whiskey to me.
  4. Same here :yes:
  5. I believe that is whiskey!!!
  6. i love the shoulder strap. i wish chloe made shoulder straps for all its mini paddies.
  7. :drool: Oooohhh...that's THE Paddy I want/need!

    Where did you find it, may I ask? And...:graucho: ...how much?
  8. I thought it looked like Whiskey too! But it says tan. They have it online at Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman. Its the first time I'm seeng it online. The total with overnight shippping and gift wrap is $1,801.15. I've been wanting a whiskey paddy since I saw one of the PF girls paddington. But I'm scared to death about buying on eBay again after all 3 of my bags were fake:crybaby: .

  9. Looks like whiskey to me too!:yes:
  10. WOW!!!!
    I can't believe this bag already sold out!!!!! :wtf:

  11. whiskey
  12. Looks like whiskey, I was going to say, order it and take a chance!
  13. Yep looks like whiskey to me.
  14. Looks like whiskey, maybe they posted the wrong pic....
  15. Well, I got the bag today from Neiman Marcus and it is definitely Tan. They must have used a different picture. It was the most disappointing purchase EVER! Even more than my first fake Chloe on eBay. The bag was totally used! Makeup and dirt stains inside the bag, pieces of hair. The leather has dirt marks all over it and the handles were so dirty from someone carrying it. The corners of the bag were worn, the padlock was completely broke and put inside the zipper pouch. The padlock has scrathces all over it and big chips. The leather on the padlock has a stain on it too. What a disappointment!