What Color Is This Ostrich Birkin??

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  1. Hi, could anyone tell me what color is this Ostrich Birkin Bag? Is it yellow? cognac 'gold'? or naturalle? thanks

    Photo with flash

    Photo without flash

  2. or is it what you called saffron, which is in the yellow/ beige color family?
  3. I have no idea :shrugs: but its a beautiful bag!!
  4. Can you tell us how old the bag is? It might help with the color.
  5. Looks like cognac to me.
  6. Yes, I am with Encore Hermes. What is the year stamp for this ostrich birkin?
  7. I'm pretty sure its Cognac, looks very much like it.
  8. It is safran. ( or saffron if you prefer) . I posted also in the other thread.
  9. Not cognac – was offered this skin twice and turned them down because cognac ostrich is too similar to my gold swift.
  10. I have a vintage Bolide in gold ostrich, and this looks very similar, particularly the photos without the flash.