What color is this MAM?

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  1. [​IMG]

    i've never seen it before but it has the tassels so i think it's an old design?


    i also like this color that this girl is carrying. can anyone ID the color?
  2. Someone said there was a lime green matinee at bloomingdales. Maybe this is the lime green MA? I like both of them too, but im not too sure what these colors are...
  3. Oooo that blue is TDF!!!
  4. I think the one on the bottom is called Sky Blue. I almost bought the hobo style in that color way back when. HTH!
  5. The first one is Kelly Green, and it's an old design.
  6. ^^ty!!
  7. The SKy Blue colour is so pretty! I wish RM would bring it back.

  8. The green is {{swoon}} worthy it really is I love it!!

    The blue is nice to but my heart belongs to the green!
  9. ohh both the colors are gorgeous, very springy like!! does anyone know what size ma she is carrying?
  10. I wonder if any of the prefall greens look like the first green?

    kath, that looks like a regular MAB bag.
  11. the blue looks TDF
  12. I wonder if thos eare different from these that are from some Japanese site that I can't read??
  13. ^snuffles, that green looks just like the first green i posted. the color is really nice in those 2 pictures almost like a minty green instead of a lime green.