What color is this Evelyne?

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  1. Does anyone know what color and leather type this Evelyne is? Gris, Etain, Ciel?

  2. Are you asking about the bag on her shoulder??? I am not sure of the color, but the bag appears to be a So Kelly, not Evelyn. I am not an expert on colors so maybe someone else might be able to weigh in. Definitely the shoulder bag is not Gris or etain. Good luck!
  3. the bag is called the So Kelly in size 26, judging from the length of the bag. colour i am guessing is gris perle.
  4. Sorry! I meant the SO Kelly, not the Evelyne!
  5. I'd say Ciel or Bleu Lin
  6. Agree Ciel or Blue Lin
  7. I have a blue lin and this looks very similar. Still, hard to tell from afar.
  8. BLUES are so hard to ID from photos!! The hardest I think of all the H colors.

    I thought it was bleu lin.
  9. Looks ciel on my screen
  10. Agree with the rest..it's Bleu Lin or Ciel..
  11. So Kelly is so versatile ... this tempts me to get buy the Hermes Lookbook to find out the color!!!