what color is this Edith?

  1. Bluefly - Product Details - #2066218 - Chloe sienna kidskin pocket 'Edith' large tote

    Bluefly is calling this Sienna...is it the same as whiskey?

    I'm considering taking the plunge! Crazy, I know, given their authenticity issues...but as long as I leave the tag on, I can still return it - I'd just be out shipping, which is no big deal.

    What do you Chloe experts think?
  2. I'm not sure of the color. Looks kind of shiny though. Keep the tags on if you take the plunge so you could return it if it's not vibing with you when you receive it. Especially since you're getting it from Bluefly..you know?:shrugs:
  3. It looks like whisky to me.
  4. It's whiskey. But Blue Fly makes me nervous with their history of selling fakes. I wouldn't order from them personally.
  5. I just got a whiskey paddy and from them and it is real! If you don't mind eating the shipping I say go for it. Make sure you find a coupon (I had a 15% off one) and if if you go through Mr R****** there is another 6%.....
  6. awww man....I waited too long and it's gone! Sigh....oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.