What color is this Day?

  1. Styledrops has a Day bag in what they call bordeaux...is that the right name for it and, if so, when was that color made? Has anyone purchased from them and if so, how did it go? I really like the Day style for casual and I found it in Rouille, do you think that would be too much in that size bag? (please remember I am old :smile:
  2. Bordeaux is from 05. Grenat is sometimes called bordeaux, it is a 06 color. I would think that it's more likely to be grenat. They are both gorgeous colors.
  3. I think a Day in Rouille would be fabulous!
  4. Pdawg, I, too, am OLD! Older than you, by the way! I truly believe that the older you get, the less you have to be concerned about carrying too much colour. We've earned it. And I believe that others look at us and think, "Man, if she's carrying that, she must have "Ba#%&!!!". I mean, for God's sake...there has to be some upside to being over 40!!!!

  5. I'm with you Maggien, we 'ole girls' deserve to walk a little on the wild side...
    Just Do It Pdawg! Get the red bag & rock it...:party: