What Color is this croc bag? White, Creme, etc? Anyone...

  1. Is it the photo in post 583? It looks ivory or off white, definitely not white. Beautiful bag. Makes me want to go back and look at that whole thread from start to finish!
  2. Yes, that's the one... Hermes has an ivory shade in croc?
  3. Actually that looks beige, but the description said cream.
  4. It looks stunning!! Not sure of the name, but had to comment that it is beautiful!
  5. You mean this, Hermes_lemming?


    My guess is Poudre.
  6. delete
  7. It's amazing. Crocodile in pale colors (especially white!) always makes a *wham* impression of "I'm so rich, I couldn't care less if I get a speck of dust on my white outfit!" or something to that effect. It's vulgar in the nicest possible way! Although then I suppose it wouldn't be vulgar. Well, you all kwim, right??? ahhh!:smile: :heart:
  8. Yep that looks poudre
  9. Japster, I think you're right. Look at the girl's sleeve, which is definitely white!

    p.s. Hope you are feeling chipper and well! No morning sickness?
  10. It is a beauty!!
  11. omg! that's poudre?!?! it's TDF!! thank you ladies. i just knew someone would know. now the next question: is it matte or shiny?
  12. You said it Lady Emma!! :nuts: And that's Poudre all right.