What color is this coin purse?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. is it the pale pink pony hair?
    i think i also saw this pic from teen vogue?
  3. It is from Teen Vogue Dec 05...is that the pony hair? It looks like pale rose but it has the silver hardware

  4. ^^ yeppers, that's my guess too
  5. Rats. I like the way it looks but don't like pony hair:sad:
  6. ^Have you seen the pony hair ones in person TVstar? I never liked pony hair either until I got one and I love it. It's so nice. But the coin purses come in regular leather too. A pale rose pink coin purse would be nice...
  7. I think that is the cream cause it looks like it has crystals. I just got the cream pony from Aloharag for $105. I was a litttle nervous I would not like it but when I received it in the mail, I was so relieved. It is absolutely gorgeous in person.

  8. I haven't but a lot of people have said bad things about them so I thought they were ugly. I love the silver hardware on the one pictured:smile: I would love to see a pic of yours

  9. What a great deal! Can you post a pic?
  10. I would but it is actually a Christmas present so it has been wrapped up. The picture is still up on aloharag's website though.
  11. tv star : What color is your first in your avitar? Is it pale pink?
  12. ^I got the same one as you Yaya. :smile: I'll post some pics real soon.

  13. Yes..pale rose:smile: I love it!!!

  14. It is sold out:sad:
  15. ewww... Im going to have to get me one of those soon toooo :love: Its probably the pink equivalent of my ice blue?? I love it... pretty...