what color is this birkin?

  1. Bleu Saphir takes on many hues depending on what skin it is in. Electric blue in Clemence, Gulliver, Fjord, Lizard, and more of a muted blue in Chevre and Box, and as it appears per the auction, in Ardennes as well. The color on the bag in the auction also looks very similar to a Bleu Roi Chevre Kelly I used to own.
  2. That bag is gorgeous!

  3. Right on, Jag! It's bee-ooo-tee-foool!! No comment on the colour though, I'm still a newbie :confused1:
  4. lovely shade
  5. Oh yeah, that's TDF!! And a decent price, I might add.
  6. OMG. Gold hardware. Youre killing me!!!
    I pray we can see this baby in the action thread soon!!

    Oh, and I was going to say, you can perhaps ask the seller for pics in a different light....