What color is this bbag??

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  1. I posted this on the authenticate site, but no one seemed sure on the color. When it was originally listed on ebay i think it was in Achtung, but please..if you do notice something funky, please let me know. I've posted the link, which is available only to me through my ebay- that's why it appears to be an active link:

    I just got a second chance offer on a bag I adore (i checked it out and it seems legit), but what in the world is the color? It looks like a mix between the bordeaux and marron color swatches on the atelier naff site. Does anyone know what this color is and what season it's from (a smooshy season or not> I want smooshy goodness!)? Also, is this a good deal on a twiggy? I know I would snatch it up as a city...but I wanted to double check with you girls first. Thanks!eBay: 100% auth BALENCIAGA motorcycle leather handbag !L@@K! (item 330056676621 end time Dec-03-06 19:33:53 PST)

    Also, if the original buyer sees this, please pm me. I can't find the original listing to contact them and the seller said they didn't pay- I'd love to verify. Thanks!
  2. looks like 05 Bordeaux. Very smooshy leather that year. I think that's a great price, if you don't mind slight darkening on handles.
  3. :yes: It looks like Bordeaux to me! And really beautiful too! I am a HUGE fan of 05's! Deffinitely a good year, a very good year!!! And if it is smooshy leather you want, than 05 is the way to go! It looks like a good price to me, even with the slightly darkened handles. I personally think the Twiggy style is a tad long, but there are plenty of Twiggy lovers out there. I just wish I would have been able to see one in person before I bought a Twiggy! I say go for it!!! But please make sure it is a legit second offer. I was offered one once and it wasn't from the real seller, so just be careful!
  4. Thanks so much for the input on color, style and price! I think I'll do a little more checking on the seller too, just to be sure! Thanks:P