What color is this bag that Victoria is carrying?

  1. Can someone tell me what color bag Victoria Beckham is carrying. She is at the 2008 Paris Fashion Show I can't tell if it's Raisin or Violet and also the size. I would like to order this one.
    Thank you.

  2. [​IMG]

    I've never longed for Purple or Ostrich but OMG. I would snatch that up so fast at a boutique
  3. Violine right?
  4. [​IMG]

    This is in the reference section. I believe it is the same?
  5. Yes, that's what I think as well. And looks like a 30? or could it be a 25?
  6. I think it could be a 25. I mean she is sooo tiny. she's sitting next to Dita von teese Marilyn Manson's X, the strip tease artist.
  7. It's Perfect:love:
  8. I love it.
  9. Violine ? Violet ?
    Both are Mmmmmmmm...YUMMY....:girlsigh:
  10. Gorgeous
  11. First instinct says violine...but I LOVE this picture, with her purple croc CL Rolando's and a grey dress :love:
  12. Violine ostrich for sure. Maybe 25 or 30 cm. H seems to be making a rash of these lately – Birkins, Kellys, Bearns.
  13. Great bag. :smile:
  14. She and the bag are both just utterly stunning!
  15. DVT's nails scare me to death!!! :sweatdrop: Like they are just going to poke you (or Posh's poor Birkin!) Sitting next to Poshie, she looks so pale....

    I digress....sorry....;)

    I'd say it's Violine....and yummy! :drool:

    Why is it that colors like violine, vert anis, etc. always look so good in Ostrich? Is it the unusualness of it?! :confused1: Hmmmmm.....