What color is this? Anthracite???

  1. Is this the anthracite color?
  2. Plomb :confused1:

    It's hard to tell (for me) b/c of the flash... Anthra usually has some green or blue undertones and on my monitor this looks like dark gray.

    Of course I have been wondering as of late if I'm color blind... so hopefully you get some other opinions :p
  3. seller is describing it as blue?!?
  4. I was gonna say Plomb too since as what Verties said, Anthra has green/bluish hues..
  5. Maybe Marine.... but b/c of the gray-ness I think you're right... i think it's Anthra... either way the leather on it looks divine :drool:
  6. I think it is Anthra as I see some green undertones. The leather looks oh so delish!!!
  7. ask if they have the paper tags - if it's 2007 1 then it's anthra, if it's 2007 3, it's plomb
  8. would the date code help???? Its date code 173082.200047
  9. looks like Plomb to me
  10. Looks like anthracite to me =) YUM!!
  11. :lol:Hahaha, everyone has different guesses!!rica is gonna have even harder time figuring it out!Looks Plomb to me!!
  12. what do you ladies think? is this a better color than a black one? im looking for a color that goes with everything but has that not so plain looking look....
  13. It looks like there are some blue undertones....I'd say anthra. If it is Anthra, I have an anthra city that I love. It is really a gorgeous color IRL.
  14. comparing to mine, i think that is anthracite. but the handles threw me off cuz it seemed more grey. nonetheless, focusing on the body of the bag, i'd bet my anthracite work that that is an anthracite too. lol* -fingers crossed-
  15. Looks like anthracite. I have an anthra city. It is my favorite color and bbag by far. It is a type of blue, too, but a slate blue/gray (tinge of green) color.