What color is the Kristin lining?

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  1. Does anyone have the new Kristin Satchel Item#14782 in black if so what is the color of the lining. Anyone at all know? I'm thinking about this being my PCE bag.
  2. Robin egg blue!
  3. Thanx!! Just realized that looking at another bag on Coach.com. DUH!!! LOL
  4. I wish they would've put a better color in the Kristin Hobo...It's this putrid coral/brown color.
  5. agreed. the lining on the large satchel is blah tan. :tdown: its not a deal breaker for me, but might be for some.
  6. Yeah, it wont be a deal breaker for me either, but it was a bit disappointing since I like everything else about the bag....I just don't understand why they put really beautiful contrasting lining in some bags and then just fall through on others. It boggles my mind!