What color is the "Bois" Paddington Capsule???

  1. I talked to my Nordies SA today and she said they had an 07 regular medium paddy capsule satchel in the color "Bois." She told me it was a brown with a metallic sheen to it and was in between muscade and chocolate. I have ZERO clue what this could possibly look like. Does anyone have a bag in this color and if so, please post a pic! Has anyone seen it IRL??? Thank you!
  2. Hi Kristie. I have the Bois Paddy and I've posted some pics. If you wanna see more then just ask!
  3. Thank you so much! I actually saw in IRL today at Nordies and it reminds me of a metallic Muscade, very pretty color. The only thing about it was that on the new Paddy Capsule satchel, it does not have the traditional thick paddy leather, it is more like the washed soft Bay leather.
  4. Looks like muscade to me too! Love it!
  5. I think the actual name on the tag is "ambrois" or "ambois"....not sure of the spelling. It's brown patent leather. I ordered this in a medium classic paddy from Nordstom. It was in their October catalogue, page 7....It's not the capsule one, just the regular classic. I think it was listed at $1,800. but they're not in yet. I gave my order to Rachel at the Bellevue, Washington store. It looks gorgeous in the picture:smile:
  6. You should give have my SA Marie in Bellevue, Wa e-mail you pics of the paddys she has so you can see the colors. Shes fab I just got a stunning Prada from her. The Paddy Beanie is talking about is fairly dark and metallic they didn't have it in the store when I was there yesterday but I've seen it in person, it's really pretty.
    Marie's e-mail is
    You should take a look at the new Heloise collection it's AMAZING and they just got some peices in grey patent I'm obsessing of them!!!!