what color is tapioca?

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  1. is this a yellowish color? or more like ivory, cream family? thanks
  2. yellow/cream.. cream with yellow undertone for MJ
  3. I think it looks like lemon yogurt. I had the Susannah in Tapioca, and I really like the orange suede lining on the Tapioca bags.
  4. so it is definitely yellow but a pale yellow? do you think the ebay pic is acccurate? thanks
  5. Tapioca was used for SOFT CALF CLASSIC line twice.
    Resort 04's Tapioca (orange suede lining, silver hardware) is a creamy/yellowish (light) color. Resort 06's Tapioca (taupe suede lining, gold hardware) is an off-white color. They look completely different from each other.
  6. I LOVE that color...I WILL have a bag in that color someday...It is stunning w/ the gold hardware!! :heart: Emmy