what color is sasha glass?

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  1. Hi!
    I'm still looking for the right color sasha to jump on once it appears on ebay. I've seen "glass" described as off-grey, but the couple pics I can dig up online look more like a light beige/yellow (like light untanned deerskin).

    can anyone who has seen this in real life weigh in, or post any pics?

    many thanks!
  2. glass? I've never heard of that color- sorry
  3. #3 Aug 14, 2008
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    Ok- so upon further searching I found out that the color glass was a part of Botkiers- 1st run of Sasha colors available in "07-

    this site-claims to be selling a sasha in glass-Disclaimer: I Dont Know If These Are FAKES- I have never heard of this site before- But I figured that you could use the pics for comparison purposes...HTH
  4. Someone I know (Posk51) has one in glass and I do think i remember her saying it was like a sand color, I can't remember if she said just sand or wet sand. Hope this helps.
  5. OK.....this is the site that I saw the color glass on- Remember I dont know if this site sells fakes- But at least you can look at the pictures for color referenceClick here: ¦BOTKIER(????) ???????? LUNA
  6. Thanks for the link GEM....now we need to find some more Sasha's!
  7. #7 Aug 17, 2008
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    ;) Yup- I got the same one again- I'll pm you from where:yahoo:. It's so funny because now that seller has listed it for the 3rd time!!!!!!!!!! With all of that damage to it- "And still calling it very good condition"- I dont know whether or not I should update- my thread regarding that situation- and warn people that the bag is back?
  8. I saw that...how many buyers have to return it before they get the idea that maybe they need to list ALL the defects and condition?? :cursing:
  9. #9 Aug 17, 2008
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    Yup- and it sold again- I feel bad for the person who gets it I'll post my thread link here- as well so that way, if it does go up for auction a 4th time- people in the botkier forum will be aware
  10. Good idea Gem.......some people are unbelievable....
  11. Karmen just sent me her take on this situation via pm- and it was absolutely hilarious- I told her to paste it on the thread itself- Cause many people will get a kick out of it. Plus she had made some really good points