what color is rose quartz? rop

  1. i've seen some pics of bags that appear to be a nice pink but also this one pic that looks like a washed peachy color? is that possible? It was a blake by the way :p
    thanks cecelia
  2. It's pink not peach
  3. Here's a better photo of rose quartz:

  4. ^Oooh! The Daria!!! I have just always loved that bag..I would get it in black or a blue color if anyone ever sees it...:graucho:
  5. Here is my Rose Quartz Blake.
    MJ Blake.jpg
  6. ^ Very pretty! It's such a soft beautiful pink color. Definitely one of his best.
  7. Thanks thithi! I love it, too!
  8. Oooh, I love this color! A very beautiful pink!
  9. ah thanks so much guys. I think it was the color washed rose. I've seen pics now and def not that pink although it is really pretty :smile:
  10. So pretty color! Is that a wonderbag, thithi? I love that style! Is that your bag?
  11. No, not my bag, just one I found from eBay... and yes, it's a wonder bag. cute isn't it?