what color is pomme d'amour?

  1. [in real life] is pomme d'amour a christmas red or more of a raspberry? what color is it?
  2. I borrowed these pics from Twinkle Tink (hope you don't mind)

    Anyway, OP, Pomme's true color is a bit difficult to capture on pics. I would not say it is Christmas red or Raspberry but rather Candle Apple Red...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Here's another pic

  4. Yeah I'd say the old red (Rouge) is more of a Christmas red. The Pomme is just a really sparkly, deep red.
    Hopefully this helps for comparison, sorry I didn't have a better one. The Biscayne Bay on the right is Rouge and the heart over on the left is Pomme. :yes:

    Also, here is a closer pic of the heart:
  5. oh my goodness, i LOVE the rouge color - it's perfect for the holidays. did LV discontinue that color?
  6. Yeah unfortunately they discontinued it as of about 2006 then they came out with Pomme. I'm not sure if there are still any pieces around though, you may want to call 866-Vuitton or visit your nearest store to see if they can locate anything for you. :yes:
  7. not sure if im much help but heres my pomme.

    i like this more than the rouge.
    Picture 027.jpg
  8. i hate red...but really love the pomme. i wanna get the koala wallet. (or a cles at least!) i dont even have 1 LV wallet. I cant see spending $700 for something that just goes inside my purse when i could have....a new purse...and i cant have both at the same time. rawr. i am always so torn.
  9. I guess its definitely not Raspberry as Raspberry is referred to as Framboise i heard ;)
  10. Pomme is perfect for Christmas, it's a deep sparkly rich red :drool: