What color is my new Sophia?!

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  1. I bought it off someone who showed me photo's of a Cranberry/Burgundy sort of color and green stitching it arrived yesterday with white stitching and it's pretty pink!:P
    Apparently the seller is color blind. It's lucky for her that i love MJ so much or I would have been a HUGE pain in the ass.:lol:

    Anyhow, I still like it but I was wondering if anyone knew what color it could be?
    It's pink/purple with white canvas interior and white stitching. I figured MJ probably didn't come out with too many pinky colors so even without the photo's someone could help.

    I'll try to post photo's tonight when I have my other laptop.
  2. I got this photo form vogue66's eBay page. It looks like it's a berry bag
    I'm pretty sure it's my bag color. Weird! I can't believe it looked cranberry in the photo's!!

  3. Can't see the photo.....but I would love to :smile:
  4. i can't see the photo either.
  5. That color is Berry.
  6. http://i2.ebayimg.com/01/i/07/a4/16/aa_1.JPG

    this was the original photo that I had of the bag.
    funny huh?
    oh well, I still like the berry color.
    It's dirtier than I thought though, on the bottom. I treat my bags REALLY well so it's always a shock to see a bag that's been mishandled a bit.
    I'm getting it cleaned tomorrow.
  7. That's a pretty pink color! I love pink:tender: & purple!
  8. Thanks sunshine!
    I'm not a pink/purple person, but this color is really pretty.
  9. mmm, the berry color is really yummy, winona!
    i've always wished balenciaga made a bag with that color!