What color is my bag?

  1. What color is my new bag? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think it's tan?
  3. Is this a quiz? If I get it right, can I have it?? :graucho:
  4. No, not a quiz. I really don't know what the color is called. It's python and it's tonal -- the leather is the same color as the python.
  5. OMG lol...:roflmfao:

    I vote Tan, too.:yes:
  6. Darn!!!

    It's Pretty :yes:

    And if that isn't the right color, I am guessing Natural.

  7. It doesn't look orangish enough for tan. It is too light to be original cognac. Is it possibly muscade in python? I'm not sure if there was still a traditional Silverado when muscade came on the scene, though. Too many years, too many Chloes. Could it be the noisette color they did in leather Silverado bags? I give.
  8. What about chamois???
  9. Looks too dark...??
  10. Chamois was lighter and yellowish, wasn't it?
  11. Tan would be my vote.
  12. Here are a couple of (I hope) better photos:


  13. yanno, maybe it's nutmeg?? can you take a pic of the top of the bag with the handles open but the zipper shut? that way we can see the leather color best.

    btw, whatever color it is, I want one!!
  14. I'd call it ....pretty
  15. hmmm, I don't think the python silverado came in muscade unless its from 06. Natural is the same as lilo's...cream w/ black... Cognac would be darker, like whiskey.... I would like to say its caramel, but was that even a color? I seen a silverado that was advertised as caramel and it was two toned w/ cream.. I still think its tan. lol. Natural in the all leather silverado is a tan color, however, natural python skin has black in it... so who knows? I love your silverado Ronda!