What color is Muscade? Is it reddish?

  1. I thought it was brownish, but there is a lovely one on eBay, where the color is listed as plum/burgundy...
  2. No it's def brown, heres my muscade paddy. Its a lovely color!


  3. Thanks! Actually, the reason I was confused was because it was a tag mixup. The seller has a muscade and a castor for sale, and the one listed as muscade is actually castor!
  4. Ah it all makes sense now :yes: Silly seller.
  5. I agree with Cat... it is a beautiful shade of brown...
  6. what the...?! Hee hee the colours aren't even remotely similar! I thought you must have meant whiskey/ecureil, which has a reddish-orange tint.

    Meanwhile, castor is also lovely!