What color is missing from this little collection--

  1. I have a black coco cabas, bordeaux diamond shine small flap, navy patent jumbo flap, python timeless clutch.

    I have a black E/W flap on hold, BUT--should I look around for a beige or maybe grey?? I have nothing in the brown family in Chanel and the diamond shine and clutch are my nighttime bags. I am getting an E/W because it is such a lovely bag, but I want it for a day bag to carry when I don't need such a big one.

    What do you all think?? Btw, I only want silver h/w if that makes a difference.
  2. I would go for something in brown, plus it is a great fall color.
  3. I think brown, gray or red would be nice.
  4. yeah definitely gray for the fall.
  5. Chocolate Brown with silver hardware - nice.
    Beige with silver hardware - so so nice. (IMO gold h/ware makes for a better color combo.)
    Grey is nice too...just not enough color.
    Good Luck!
  6. Definitely something in Brown:yes:
  7. I would go with something brown, grey or beige!
  8. Grey is cool for the fall, and it complements silver well.

    Brown is a good option as well.
  9. white or beige!!:smile:
  10. White, dark silver, or brown. :yes:
  11. Hi,

    can you post a pic of your entire collection. It might help to know when colour is missing
  12. I would go for the gold le marais collection - I just got mine yesterday - the bowler and its gorgeous!