What Color Is In?

  1. I need to buy a new handbag this spring like now!!! what color is most in and will go with about everything..no black and no white...any brands that are the coolest?
  2. Yellow and cobalt are the colors for spring for sure.
  3. Baby pink.
  4. i'm loving pale yellow right now.
  5. Yellow I heard. I am eyeing for a yellow bag or yellow purse
  6. Yellow and white, for sure. I know you didn't want white but it's hot this spring..I just bought a Chanel Grand Shopper tote in white and it's so gorgeous.
  7. deff yellow and white! Anything in bright bold colors!
  8. Yellow is in right now and white always looks great for spring and summer.
  9. Just got my In Style Magazine. Yellow is definitely in. And they showed the Hype bag in yellow color. So Cute!
  10. Yellow for sure, possibly blue (or cobalt) as well
  11. On top of yellow, I also hear jewel tones rather than pastells for spring. Also, the upscale department shoes are showing some jewel toned accessories in their spring catalogues in colors like teal.
  12. i LOVE greens for spring. green and white do it right!
  13. olive for me, (I like the Luella tote I saw in the Top 40 bags thread) and still metallics :shame:. I just love metallics.....

    Oh, baby pink is a great colour you can wear every spring/summer

    I love the Celine Bittersweet in pearl - great summer colour, great bag (in large), and will not date. Or any of the BV range (love their clothing as well this year)
  14. Yellow and blue (like the Coach pond color).