What color is Framboise...Red?

  1. Because the Vernis clef I'm looking at on Elux looks like Fushia but it says it Framboise????? Can someone tell me purty please.:confused1:
  2. It looks a lot like fuchia, just not as in your face. It´s more pink than red.
  3. wasnt it discontinued? i would suggest you snap it up, i love the colour alot more than fushia its less neon and in your face
  4. framboise is a muted tone of fuschia.
  5. Yes, I believe it was discontinued:yes: Fuchia in stores.
  6. Very good description:nuts:
  7. Doesn't framboise mean raspberry in English? I would agree with the others who say it's more muted and more of a pink-y color than the fuschia.
  8. that's a good description, kinda raspberry and then all pretty and sparkly with a goldish undertone, you know how, all vernis like......