What color is "EBONY"?

  1. There was a coin case I liked for sale today and it's listed as "Ebony" - not black, even though it appears to be black. It's not ebano - as that's listed as "dark brown". Does anyone have a clue as to what color this might be?

  2. ebony is normally black.
  3. ^^But they (had) the same items listed in "black" at one point too. In some of the photos it looks like a deep brown, in other black.

    I'm totally confused.

    Could this be "moro"? (I remember someone talking about that color recently)
  4. That's confusing, isn't it? Ebony always means black. Moro is brown/black. I don't think I've ever seen Moro IRL.
  5. Wouldn't Ebony be the Bottega Veneta color Ebano? That is, a dark, rich brown. I haven't seen the Moro color in person, so I don't know what the color difference is between the Moro (which would be an almost-black brown) and Ebano.
  6. ^^^^That's what I thought till I looked at the Bfly site and the item listed in Ebony looks black, not brown. They say black on some items and ebony on others.
  7. Thanks for the responses ladies. It's a moot point now as I found the items I wanted (on bluefly) in "BLACK" (i'm boring, I know). :flowers:
  8. I just got my Bluefly order for my "Ebony" card case and zip coin purse. They are ebano.
  9. ^^Thank you for updating my question jll. "ebano" was what I was thinking they meant too. I'm sure your new BV items are beautiful though!

    I'd love to see pictures!

    Do you love them?:wlae:
  10. Here's what I found out: The dark brown on the treated lambskin leather called Nappa Umbria (like on the Sloane) is not Ebano, but Moro, which is A deeper espresso brown with more of a vintage look to it. Nappa Umbria bags don't come in Ebano.
  11. yes, ebony is ebano for sure... I received my zip up coin/card case as well! I think someone over at Bluefly heard about ebano and mistakenly write ebony!