What color is cobalt?

  1. In past threads, I've seen french blue referred to as cobalt. But now some of us are saying that cobalt is the same as aquamarine. Anyone know which one it is? Thanks!
  2. Cobalt and aquamarine have both been used to describe the same color. I believe BalNY calls it aquamarine. Maybe the confusion is that cobalt is not at all an accurate description of the color.

    French blue is a very bright electric blue. This color looks more like what one might thing of as a "cobalt" color, adding to the confusion.
  3. I was told by people on tPF that Cobalt was Aquamarine and also told by hgbags.
  4. Interesting. On the "documenting colors" thread, cobalt is linked with french blue.
  5. Cobalt and Aquamarine are the same color. Ronda the color shown in the Giant hobo pic thread is the color you ordered.

    French Blue is an electric bright blue.
  6. This is what confuses me about Bal's color names. In real life, cobalt blue is a deep, intense blue with no green overtones (nothing like aquamarine). And bleu glacier is sometimes referred to as periwinkle, but periwinkle is an intense lavender blue (nothing like bleu glacier).
  7. I agree with citychris. I think the person who named this season's Bbags fell asleep in colory theory class!

    Here is one of the first hits on Google Image Search for "Cobalt Blue":


    This color (and the other colors pictured on Google image search) does not resemble at all the the turquoise color of this season's "cobalt". I truly believe that French Blue/Bleu de France = Cobalt, and the turquoise/teal color that was pegged as cobalt is...a mystery.

    I have to admit this Cobalt/French Blue confusion has totally given me (ok, nerd alert!) total cognitive dissonance...I've always known that cobalt blue is best represented by this season's French blue. However, hearing everyone else on the forum call the turquoise-ish color cobalt almost convinced me otherwise. Now, I stick by my conviction that French Blue = Cobalt...
  8. That's what has me confused too, mimi. The color they describe as french blue is the closest to a real cobalt blue. Oh well, what's done is done and I have ordered the wrong color.
  9. Where did you order from, Rondafaye? Do you have a picture of the bag in question??
  10. I don't have a photo. I am buying it from hgbags, who's a doll. I'll just wait and see. But I really thought cobalt = french blue (see post no. 829 under "documenting Balenciaga colors"). I love the aquamarine, but since I already have an 05 turquoise, which is quite similar, I wanted what I now know is french blue.
  11. In Neiman Marcus' computer system, the color is recorded as "Cobalt/Turq". Obviously, neither Neiman Marcus nor BalNY thought that "Cobalt" was the best descriptor for this color. Balenciaga really needs more outside input on their color names (as well as color choices!!....lol).
  12. Ronda the color names are totally confusing hon...It's not you, it's balenciaga.
  13. i believe that although cobalt SHOULD BE linked to french blue, it is not. balenciaga singapore refers to acquamarine as cobalt, and have no clue what acquamarine is.
  14. I think hgbags has the French Blue though. I think she calls it Blue De France but I think she only has it in the Work.
  15. I agree. The color names are very confusing. I have been told, too, that cobalt and aqua are the same colors. To me, cobalt should be a bright blue, just like Mimi said.