What color is 'Clay'????

  1. I purchased a Mike & Chris jacket from this website and it stated 'clay' and was described tannish/greyish.. I called the store and they actually described it more tan and I just couldn't get a clear picture.

    Could anyone supply a picture of their Mike & Chris clay jacket??? TIA!
  2. I was trying to find it too from the echo chic description. I thought it was charcoal and they made a mistake.. I was clearly mistaken.

    Can the store send you a picture?
  3. I think clay would be a light grayish brown. Like the kind of clay in the movie "Ghost"?
  4. ^^^ Hhaha! Right you are! I just got my jacket.. really fast shipping I must say. I gu ess it was described correctly because it is like the clay from Ghost!! :biggrin:
  5. How's the jacket?
  6. great fit! I thought it would be big since I am usually an XS but its perfect. I still have to try on different outfits to see about the color. because I haven't had much luck in looking nice in this type of color..

    If it ends up not looking good I am gonna have to give it up and sell it on eBay :sad: since its final sale...
  7. How much did you bag it for?
  8. 485 including shipping! Ugh I just foudn a defect though.. I am going to return this. It looks like the color rubbed off somewhere on teh sleeve :T
  9. Oh that's crud!! Well at least with a defect they have to refund you