What color is Chambray?

  1. I was wondering what color chambray is? Does anyone know when this color will be released for the small sabrina? I am trying to decide what color to buy. I don't know if I should wait for some of these new colors.
  2. Light blue (I would assume!)
  3. Yeah, LIght blue. I had a chambray wristlet and it was heaven/sky blue, very light and pretty :smile:
  4. It can be ordered from JAX now, just have to call the toll free number since it's not on the web site.
  5. This is chambray (assuming the Sabrina will be patent leather):
    It reminds me of a slightly cloudy sky, really nice depth of color.
  6. I like that shade of blue, I would love to see it on the Sabrina.
  7. Here is my Hamptons wallet with chambray trim. I love this blue as well & think it would look lovely on a Sabrina![​IMG]
  8. What is the color code for Chambray?
  9. I love the chambray color too! Gorgeous pastel blue!
  10. So far it's in the leather, not the patent. I have not seen it and I can't figure out the color code for it either.
  11. The old color code is "CB".
  12. I like that color! Very pretty.
  13. Wooow, never knew chambray is such a lovely color.:heart: Now I feel like I need to own one!! :drool:
  14. I have that wristlet too, it's a pretty color. I think it will be my 2nd choice for Sabrina, since I'm still waiting on gray!
  15. chambray is gorgeous! i think the chambray sabrina could seriously tempt me! :heart: :heart: can't wait to see it!