What Color is Canary?

  1. I just read on the MJ reference thread that some of the new bags will be coming out in Canary. Is this yellow? Do you know what shade? Dark or light?

    Dying to add a yellow bag to my collection and this might be the answer.:p
  2. Bal Harbour line's Canary (Resort 2006) is bright yellow, it's different from Soft Calf Classic's Canary (Resort 2005).
  3. Thanks bag.lover. You're the best! Once again you answered my question.:flowers:
  4. ^ LeeLee, I'm sorry for my own confusion. It didn't occur to me that you were asking about the Bal Harbour line's Canary -- it's very recent (Resort 2006).
  5. (source: marcjacobs.com)


    The real life color is more yellow.
  6. This line's Lou (16 x 9.5 x 5"; $1200USD) and Satchel (14.5 x 8.5 x 6"; $1275USD) are also available in Canary. Below are pictures of these styles in Moccasin from scoopnyc.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (left-right: Lou, Satchel)

    I saw Satchel in Canary at the LA boutique. My good friend really likes it, she wanted to buy it (but she doesn't like the chain). Do you want me to ask Stella for pictures?
  7. Hey that's purty...I'd like to see pics bag.lover! Pretty please??! :smile:
  8. Gosh, bag.lover, don't worry! You are always so helpful. I should have been more explicit.

    I like the Bal Harbour line a lot...it's chic and lighthearted, yet sophisticated.
  9. I just posted pics of a ZC in canary in my thread, if oyu need any more pictures let me know!
  10. Thanks bag.lover for the photo. It's a very lovely color...and I bet I'll like it even more so IRL. Must add this to my wish list!
  11. Will get pictures for you. =)
  12. I checked out the Canary Bal Harbour Satchel in person again. I can't think of the right description for this color so I asked the SAs at the boutique; it's mustard yellow to them. It does look similar to this picture: