What color is Blood Orange?

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  1. Many thanks, @jp_536! I'll have to check out the reference library as I'm not too familiar with sanguine and haven't seen it IRL. Funny my local H store rarely has much stock but the website now shows Dogon in 9 colors. I once asked if the store can bring in the items that I saw online so I can see them in person but they said no as it was run separately.
  2. Sanguine is blood orange
    Orange red undertones
  3. Sanguine is a fab colour and changes according to the light, I have it in a GM Pico and love it.
  4. Thanks @bagidiotic and @cvw1004 for confirming the color. I wish H.com Canada would stop translating the color names. Last time they listed a Victoria in red and we all know H makes more than one red.

    The color does look very pretty and the combination with crevette makes it doubly pretty. I'm hoping to pop by the store next week to see what they also have in stock so I can see them in person. I wish this one is in togo though. I'm afraid I'll scratch up the swift leather.
  5. For what it's worth, I've had a swift Dogon for three years and it's not scratched at all. :smile::smile:

  6. Beauty of h.com is that they'll take returns. So you can always order to see it in person and send back if you don't love. But I doubt you won't love it!! :smile:
  7. My Dog on is swift too and still looks good after 4+ years if that helps.
  8. That's a great idea! There's a GM shawl that I've been eyeing on the site and I don't know if the store has any in stock. I can order both at the same time. :biggrin:
  9. Yes, that's very helpful. I usually keep my wallet for a least 4-5 years and want to make sure it doesn't get all scratched up too quickly. Most of the time, I just carry it around in my bag. Thanks much!
  10. That's great to know. Thank you!