what color is bark?

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  1. I just called chanel 1-800 number to locate a bag that i want and they say they have "bark" color available. What exactly is bark? Is it the same as dark brown? or light brown?
  2. When I think bark, a dark brown color pops into my head. But don't take my word for it. ;)
  3. I wonder if anyone here has one they could post a pic of.
    Some browns I love, other I could pass on.
  4. never heard of that.
    Maybe if you tell us the bag, it'll jog our memories.
  5. i would love to see the difference between brown and bark too.....
    sometimes explanation by words does not make sense in my head.
    anyone has both colors?
  6. which bag Sweetie?
  7. Swanky...
    it is the vintage ligne tote... just like the one that you have....
  8. Aaaah, okay! I never had anyone tell me about the color 'Bark'.
    I wonder if the SA calls it that or if Chanel does{?}
    There's 2 browns though, a nice deep brown and a reddish brown, like a tobacco color.
  9. Swanky,
    Do you/anyone have any pic of the two color side by side? I tried to look at the reference library and there are 2 brown ones (I think) in there. In my monitor, they look the same. So is the one on the reference library the regular brown, or the reddish brown?
  10. Swanky.....
    I just rechecked.... there are 3 brown totes on the ref library. One seems to be different from the other two. So which one is which....?
  11. The dark brown is on post 3 and 6 and the light on post 4. I am not sure which one is referred to as bark...could the sa describe the color to you?
  12. The person whom I talked to on the phone did not sound like she knows the difference either :P .
    So I am couinting on the pf ladies to tell me :yes:
  13. one has an obvious warm/reddish tinge to it, it's the lighter one I'm almost positive.
  14. so the lighter one is bark then?
  15. if bark has a reddish tone. If they say bark has no red than I'd guess it's the darker one.