What color is aurore?

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  1. I have been looking at some preloved artsy's and came across this color. In some pics it looks hot pink, some rasberry, some red or burgundy? What is the best way to describe this color? Thanks:smile:
  2. It's a little of everything, lol!
  3. I would say Raspberry, definitely not hot pink nor burgundy.
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  5. It's a deep fuschia reddish color!
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  7. + 2. Here's some things I own in Aurore. All are true to the colour, pending on the lighting! But the first is the truest.

  8. Agree with Lan207 just above, that first picture really is very close to color (at least on my screen). Her zip pouch too on the bottom is pretty close.

    I do have a pic with some good detail on the leather texture, if that helps. The tone is pretty close to Lan207's first pic, though my lighting is a little darker.

    It really is a nice color, because it gives a good splash, but no one could ever accuse it of being blinding or even remotely 'radical', if that makes sense. :smile:

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