What color is 993? Can someone help? Tks.

  1. Hi, I have been posting on the Chanel forum and this is my first in Balenciaga... I came accross a City in a very beautiful color, it's on the grey side with a tint of blue (I think)... the color code is 993 (the last 3 digits on the white tag)...the SA told me it's steel... but I thought the code for steel is 343 (from Shiny Hair's * wave*).. I am confused...can someone help, thanks...
  2. Please post a pic and it will be easy to tell what color you have. Also the paper card with the year plus either 1 or 3 narrows it down considerably. If it has a tint of blue it could be Anthracite or Steel.
  3. Hi thanks... I am afraid I don't have a pic to post, I was at the boutique and the SA was trying to sell this to me.. I only got a quick look at the white tag and caught the last 3 numbers...... :sad:...

    Or any member could post the color code of their Antracite?
  4. Thank you ladies for the info... I have finished reading the attached threads...boy, it's really complicated... If I decide to buy the City , I'll definately post pic, thanks again.
  5. Welcome over here, we would like to see U and Your new city bag.
    Hugs FX:heart: