What color highlights..hmmm?

  1. Since spring/summer is right around the corner, I want to add highlights to my hair. Freshen it up a bit. I'm thinking a lighter brown or a blonde. All your help is appreciated. I don't want to get my hair done & come out looking like a skunk LOL

    Heres some pics (they are from myspace..so some might have a design)

  2. I think you would look great with dark blond highlights. I don't think light brown will show up much on your hair.
  3. I went with red hair and blonde lites, i was all over brown.It is fabulous, not a RED shocker red, a nice deep red.You could go brown all over with RED lites
  4. I think you should get blonde highlights.^-^
  5. i think a nice warm copper would look really pretty
  6. I agree! Go with the blonde highlights!
  7. Ash Blond highlights would look great in your hair!