What color have you been obsessed with lately?

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  1. Malachite! to me the most delicious shade of green. Just got some inspiration from looking at all types of geodes and jewelry in Sedona, Arizona.
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  2. Dark green. Bought a coat in the color & am loving it.
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  3. Turquoise. I didnt realize until one day my friend told me that I always pick that color for my clothes and bags.
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  4. Ecru, creams
  5. fuchsia
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  6. Red
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  7. I've been hooked on red lately too
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  8. Red, must be Valentine's
  9. Dark green has been my go to for the past couple weeks.
  10. +1! Malachite is so beautiful.
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  11. Yes, I have the almost matching 1953 fuchsia/magenta loafers but in suede. I bought them from Gucci a few years ago, around the same time I bought my brown suede Lady Web bag.
    It's not really my colour but I love 1953 loafers (and prices were so good back then compared to now!)

    IMG_2731 (1).jpg
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  12. I have very specific colour cravings always. Even when I was very small I absolutely had to wear the right coloured socks or underwear on a certain day or I'd be really upset and feel out of sorts :panic::lol:
    Certain colours still bother me, it varies depending on the time of year because of the light. In Australia the light is very bald and bright and some colours are awful in certain materials and textures, especially in summer. They make me feel nauseous, literally.
    Sea colours are my favourites, from the palest clear blue and water green to deep blue-green. I also love the colours in flowers that are growing (though not yellow or orange flowers) and certain gem stones.
    Sometimes I don't want colour, just pale toned clothes and plain metal jewellery. Other times I wear a mass of colour (Pippa Holt kaftans anyone?) and lots of turquoise and lapis lazuli, gem silica and blue opal stones. Peridot is another gem I love to look at, also lilac pink kunzite and good pink opal.
    Lately I can't wear black clothes. Just can't stand wearing black except for small accents like belts and watch bands.

    Gem silica - looks like the sea :heart:
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  13. That's the colour. Love them in suede

    I was choosing between the pink ad navy 'wet-look' in France ad the navy won, but only just
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  14. I love these shoes! :heart:
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  15. And I chose the fuchsia suede over the navy suede. Actually I bought both and returned the navy. Regrets. Should have kept both!
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