What color have you been obsessed with lately?

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  1. Yes!
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  2. Welcome to the club, darling girl! I have been looking high/low for a sandal, mule or loafer to go with my Gucci Web. I'd call it a bright fuchsia. Love to get something Gucci but can't find anything. I have the black Gucci slingback mules which I have been wearing with the bag. Frustrated!
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  3. Chartreuse & hunter green
  4. wasn't there a 1953 pink soft patent loafer around SS13/14?
  5. Navy and orange!
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  6. Thank you papertiger! Colours keep this world exciting!! I was very into hot pink at one stage but man, great hot pinks are so hard to come by!
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  7. Hmmmm...no idea. I also have big, narrow feet. I saw a cute Gucci slide, with the horsebit strap, in the same pink. Reviews say it runs wide which won't work for me. :crybaby:
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  8. I will be on the look out for you
  9. :hugs:
  10. Yellow. Like a mustard-y, ochre kind of yellow.
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  11. now I love yellow and green
  12. Black cherry...love it!
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  13. The red color keeps catching my attention lately. It's unusual because I've never been a red person. I've always been a pink person.
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  14. this month red is my color
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  15. Forest Green and Turquois. I'm thinking of a Garen Party in forest green. I'm on BAN Island and it's a struggle!
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