What color have you been obsessed with lately?

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  1. Ok, black is mostly my go to for handbags, accessories and clothing, but every once in a while, I go off on a tangent and crave color. A few years ago, it was maroon/oxblood. The year before that it was yellow. Last year it was royal blue. Some times I’m on trend, sometimes I’m on my own trend. This year, I’m right on trend with ROSE GOLD! Earnings, clutches, nail polish, bracelets, watches, you name it! So, I ask... what color are you obsessed with lately?
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  2. aquamarine.
  3. Ooh I love aquamarine
  4. Rose gold is gorgeous.

    Lately I'm really into forest green. A darker shade of it with lots of blue tones. Just got a bag in this color. I've had a backpack too from years ago and a bomber jacket. It goes well with all the black, grey and navy I wear.
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  5. I Green!

    I’ve been on the hunt for a mint green or a sea glass green handbag.
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  6. I'm certainly liking the colours others are obsessed with here so far!

    I go through phases, the need of a certain colour surpasses every other. Last year it was yellow (to wear with grey) Winter it was red (for one season fashion and I were in agreement) and often with navy, maine or midnight blue now I want something strawberry pink, pref. silk. I have a Gucci bag close-to which is great but I missed out on an H scarf 2014 that would have been perfect. It's hard because it's not corral (too orange) hot pink (too dark) shocking, fuchsia or magenta (all too blue) but it's bright, fun and I can't find anything anywhere.
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  7. Maybe a Balenciaga in Pink Sorbet?
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  8. Beige!
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  9. I'm obsessed with red lately because of the theme of FIF Russia
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  10. Navy blue... no idea what spawned it, but I'm in love with navy blue and gold lately.
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  11. Rose gold and navy :heart:
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  12. I go through phases too! I remember three years ago that it was navy blue. I had navy blue MBMJ hobo, Prada saffiano wallet, Prada hobo, Ferragamo Marie sandals.

    Then I moved on to grey! Like dove grey everything. Goyard St Louis grey, a couple more items that I can’t remember now. I have never been into black. At the height of my bag collection/obsession of having 40-50bags, I had only one black bag amongst them. NOW that I have reduced my collection to 10 bags, I find that half of them are black. YSL large college, Chanel Jumbo and medium flap, Gucci black/white camera bag, Tory Butch Taylor camera bag..

    I find myself weirdly attracted to yellow these days...
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  13. Currently obsessed with

    - grey, from soft dove to dark grey (bag is mine)

    Dark blue, specifically Abysse (Evelyne) pic from tpf member - pierina2
    b abysse and indigo.jpg
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  14. I think the beige revolution is overdue :tup:
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  15. We were almost twins. That's a great version of the Marmont.