What color hardware do you prefer?

  1. on the bags in general but in particular on the black marc jacobs bags such as the blake, venetia and MP's?
  2. I've always been a silver person, but I think most MJ bags looks good with gold. But again, it depends on the color of the leather, but in general, i prefer gold.
  3. ^ ditto for me too. I like both silver and gold, but it really depends on the bag and the color of the leather. For example, I don't think I would like a stam as much if it came with silver hardware.
  4. love the gold hardware :smile:
  5. silver hardware :smile:
  6. Silver!

    I have Butter-colored FOB that does look good w/the gold h/w, though.
  7. I love both, but think gold looks espcially great on black bags...
  8. goldgoldgold:tup:
  9. i think it depends on the bag and some colors go well w/silver and others w/gold... but overall i prefer gold.
  10. It depends on the color of the bag. But I tend to prefer silver.

    The silver/nickel hardware tarnishes but it can be polished. However, I've had some experiences with gold-toned MJ hardware rubbing or flaking off and that unfortunately can't be fixed easily.
  11. :yes:
  12. I prefer the silver.
  13. It depends on the bag. I love gold hardware on the stam and of course the silver goes well with the others such as MP, Stella, etc....
  14. I prefer silver...
  15. nickel. I really want a blake in tapioca or bone.. maybe bordeaux... but a little voice inside me tells me to wait because nickel h/w could be re-released and then i'd be oh so full of regret