What Color Goyard??????

  1. Hi, for all of the Goyard fans out there...I need some help choosing a color. I have already decided to get the St.Louis GM. I really love larger bags and they do make a statement. I wear a lot of black and khaki green type of colors. The SA at Bergdorfs thought the black with the tan handles would be a good choice for me. I am also considering the dark blue or the green. I live in a warm climate...but really do not like light colors. Thanks.
  2. i would go for the dark blue to add a little color to your outfit unless you really want something more subdued but then again, the black goyard isn't at all black. i would go for dark blue or black. either of these two. good luck!
  3. I would pick the Dark Blue!!!
  4. I have the black and love it!
  5. dark blue or black in my opinion!
  6. I love the blue!