What color Goyard would you get?

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  1. Geez ... is there any bag that Jessica Simpson DOESN'T HAVE?!?!

    Hey ... maybe we should get her to sign-up here?! She could share lots of pictures and scuttlebutt! Ha ... :nuts:
  2. Thanks for the replies guys... *hugs*
    Wow, a lot of votes for the dark blue. The versatility is a definite factor for me, but I do live in L.A. (where its pretty much one season all year. lol.)

    I've included a pic of the bag now!

    P.S. What color stripes would you guys get w/ your bag?

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  3. I'm figuring that out right now. That's the bag I have -- the white tote. My Chinese dragon is mostly gold with some red in it. I'm thinking of seeing if they can do three stripes of different widths. Two wide gold with a narrow red in the middle. I really didn't want red on the bag but it was the best way to get the dragon to 'pop'. If it weren't for the dragon, I'd go for gold and brown stripes.

    You gotta go in the store and see the colors. They have them printed on clear acetate so you can lay them over the bag and see how they look on your chosen color.
  4. Wow, how convenient... I'll have to do that.
    Issmom, how long does it take them to do the personalization? I'm wondering if I should get a move on and decide already. :amuse:
  5. ^^ I think it depends on where you are. I was actually, conveniently, in Barneys when the artist (they are sorta freelancers) was in to pick up his next jobs. It was great because he was there to advise me on colors (not to do the all-gold dragon). It was two weeks before Xmas, I think. He had the job done in about 9 days. Now, he did say he was working madly to get everything done before the holiday (tho' I told him mine wasn't for the holidays and he could put it on the backburner).

    I guess it matters whether you decide on your artwork the day BEFORE or the day AFTER the artist's regular pick-up.
  6. This is a 2006 posting LOL
    bump to you there!
    I agree with CeeJay! Rouge is gorgeous!
  7. I really want a white pm!
  8. ^ oh white is gorgy!!
  9. The white is beautiful! It looks so sharp with red stripes, with black in the middle or even yellow... you could also consider a combination of maroon and purple stripes :woohoo:

    Best of luck and I can't wait to see it!
  10. bump ! I'd take dark blue...
  11. Spiralsnowman! Have you decided yet? I'm eager to hear the final choice ;)
  12. I'm also curious. I would almost recommend you to buy them all...so you have a bag for every day of the week. :woohoo:
  13. Hi,
    I am also thinking of getting a Goyard myself and I saw your post regarding your chinese dragon. That sounds really cool. Is it possible for you to post a picture of your gorgeous bag?

    Thanks so much
  14. I like red and green!
  15. Love Dark Blue!
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