What color Goyard would you get?

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  1. Hey all!
    I've finally saved up the $ to get the Goyard tote I wanted, but it's such a major purchase (for me at least :amuse: ) that I'm having trouble deciding on the color. I want it to last a long time, I'm 25, and a brunette.

    What color would you get if the choices were:
    Red, Dark blue, Light blue, Green

    Any and all opinions would be majorly appreciated/loved!!!

    p.s. Issmom: Looking forward to seeing your beautiful bag!
  2. OMG I am so excited for you!!! Goyard is a great brand you will enjoy your bag no matter the color. I have a few Goyard pieces and I tend to like the darker ones however red does stand out and make a statement. what colors do you wear mostly? is your look dressy or casual? what is the name of the tote?
  3. I love the tote bags from Goyard:love: I am brunette as well and would probably choose green or black. But red is also beautiful on that bag! Will you have your monogram printed on it?
  4. I'd do green or dark blue.

    And I still gotta figure out how to take 'smaller' photos so I can post 'em.
  5. I just got home from dinner and passed the Goyard store, I could not stop gawking through the windows, I knew I would be in trouble if I went in. However I think I am going to pick up another cosmetice bag tomorrow, I have way too much makeup already stuffed into all my others.
  6. I think you would get more mileage out of the Dark Blue. Lt. Blue and green scream summer at the country club and I feel that you wouldn't be able to wear the red as much as the Dark Blue. DB = tre classy. ;)
  7. Either dark blue or light blue, they're both so pretty !
  8. I think dark blue or green
  9. I'm s brunette, I would get green, or Red, but Light blue would be really pretty if it was like the Belenciaga Motor. Bag color(richie has it)! But I would have to see pics!
  10. Dark blue is always a classic colour.
  11. GREEN! What made you decide on a Goyard? I've never really stopped and looked.
  12. RED, RED, RED, RED, RED ... RED!!!!!!

    The Goyard Red is classy ... not a cheesy "orange-y" color, but a beautiful Cherry Red. When in France, I saw a Parisian woman who was carrying the Red Tote with her business attire (this was winter so - Navy Blue Coat, Scarf and Gloves - Red and Navy Shoes). All I could think of was how Chic she looked, and that I wanted to look that way when conducting business in Paris!

    In addition, her Goyard Tote also had a Yellow and Navy Blue Stripe, along with her initials ... again, she and the tote looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

    Frankly, I LOVE Red (it's my favorite color - could you tell?!?!? ;) :nuts: ). I wear it like most other people wear Blue (or Black)!!!!!!!
  13. You should really check them out. They make amazing bags and luggage, they are older than LV. The history of the company is great and the bags are true luxury.
  14. Did Jessica Simpson carry a black Goyard btw?
  15. Yes she did and I actually have that one, it is perfect!