What color goes with a brown skirt?

  1. Hi everyone. I just bought this brown skirt (coffee color) . I love the fit and now that I have it I have no idea what colors go with it except white. Please help me with some colors and how to wear it. I feel I can dress it up for work and also create a casual look. But, what goes with dark brown?

  2. Cream or white. Cream + brown is probably the best way to wear brown, at least for me.

    EDIT: However the more I think about it, I don't even wear much brown.. LOL!
  3. LOL Pink Couture neither do I . That is why I am so stuck on now what? I agree with Cream and white. That is all I could think of as well.
  4. ohhh I think it would look cute with a soft pink blouse. Or aqua! Maybe even yellow or green.
  5. Pink or coral would give it a nice feminine touch.
  6. burnt orange or rust, olive green, powder blue, light pink, camel, violet purple .... brown is a neutral so I think you can pair it with a lot of colors. I've been seeing black & chocolate brown paired together lately in mags and it's growing on me.
  7. Soft pinks and purples would look nice.

    Brown is very neutral though so you could get away with most colors.
  8. Thanks everyone! I did not think of a soft pink or purple. I will try that.
  9. Yeah.. agreed, a really light pink would look nice as well.
  10. light pink or light yellow!
  11. I was thinking pink.
  12. Coral or light blue... and if you're daring go with a light creme brown
  13. agree ...
  14. Lots of colors are amazing with brown. My favorite combinations are brown + pink (I love love LOVE dark brown and hot pink paired together, but just about any shade of pink will work) and brown + blue (again, many shades of blue will work, but I'm partial to periwinkle).
  15. Cream , pink ( it can be soft or bright), corals/peach, a deep turquoise/aqua, a soft yellow