What color from Alma Epi pm?

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Color Alma Epi pm

  1. Indigo

    17 vote(s)
  2. Noir

    11 vote(s)
  3. Fuchsia

    11 vote(s)
  1. hi guys. I hope you will help me please. Now I have the Alma in my mind. Love the color indigo, but in store it is unavailable right now. Only online. O.k. But I must say, I love navy, dark blue, blue overall. I have 4 navy and one babyblue purses (non LV) and last I sell one . So I think maybe my blue hunger is full:amazed:
    The noir is a classic beautie. But black is so black,you now what I mean? And fuchsia is a pop of color. But will I love it in years? Thank you for your input pro and cons. I love the silver hardware.
  2. Hi, I own the Indigo BB, Fuchsia BB and Black PM. I habe to say that I wear my Fuchsia the most and I know I will still love this special color in 10 years, too. But this is just me. Black is comparable with everything I have in my wardrobe and very timeless and elegant, but I also understand how you love the Indigo! That means: you can't go wrong with every single color of them. It depends on your wardrobe, what fits your Lifestyle (Indigo is more casual as black) and I've learned: my heart knows what it loves!!!!
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  3. Get the Alma in indigo if that's what your heart wants. You'll keep thinking about it if you get something else. But personally, I think all 3 colour choices are lovely. ;)
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  4. fuschia in alma bb, alma pm in indigo:smile:

    to me indigo is as versatile as noir, i love love love indigo!
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  5. absolutely, thank you. Yes, I love more casual;) My heart knows too what it loves, but it loves so much more::hbeat:so it´s hard to decide. First my choice get to indigo, than fuchsia and last noir. Only my head says black first because it is neutral. I will see what will come. Thanks for your opinion.
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  6. :tup:
  7. I have Alma BB in Noir and Alma PM in Quetsche, which is no longer available. Now I would like to add a BB in Indigo (no longer available in my store), of Fuchsia (discontinued in the BB, as I where told at LV). All colours you like are beautiful. Get what you love most as long as they are available! Noir will always be there.
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  8. I was told by my store that the color Indigo is being discontinued. I just got it in BB. Ask your boutique or online to be sure, but you may want to get that first if it's true. All are great choices though!
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  9. They had the fuchsia BB when I got my Indigo but I would not be surprised it's discontinued now that there is hot pink. Your Alma's sound beautiful!
  10. Oh that's interesting, I thought fuchsia is available always too. My SA told me, but maybe I don´t understand right.
  11. Nobody else? O.k. thanks guys who helped me.
  12. Hi, are you still deciding?
    I have the black and it's very sharp, it's very classy, polished and it goes with everything that I wear.
    The Indigo is also beautiful, it was my second choice, this bag looks great with jeans and more casual clothes. This color is very special, if you really love blue it's a good choice but if you have enough blue maybe consider the black.

    I don't love the fuchsia, it's too bright a color IMO, it doesn't go with all clothes, is not as good as the other two. Good luck deciding and happy shopping! :wave:
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  13. Hi, oh yes, I´am still deciding. Maybe I will wait after my holiday. Thx much for your opinon. I think black is definitly the classic at all, but I don´t know if is black for me the right. :doh:
  14. I have both the indigo and the noir in Alma PM. As much as I love the Indigo, I do confess to using the Noir slightly more often. The Indigo is a softer shade of deep blue, not a dark dark navy. If you have other navy blues already, this is likely a shade that you might not have covered. I think the black will be around for a while, you can always get a black bag in the future. My Indigo Alma gets the most compliments of all my LV bags.
  15. Thank you so much for your nice input:yes:I think indigo is very great. But SA said is discontinued now. So, I will see what in the next few weeks will go. Do you have pics from your beauties nori and indigo to comparison?Thx